Diamond Modular

Comprising a sturdy steel subframe, the Diamond offers a clean and minimal aesthetic to the workplace.

The system allows for full soft wire cable reticulation and can be fitted with low divider screens and modesty panels.

The Diamond worktops are available in our standard range of colours or can be specified with other colours from the local board manufacturer Commercial Ranges.

The system features stylish Diamond shaped legs with connecting rails, and can be laid out in a dual-sided or single sided configuration.

Designed for ergonomics and durability the Diamond meets all requirements for the contemporary office market.

It comprises a sturdy and light-weight triangulated leg profile with both intelligent & simple construction. It also provides a multifunctional solution that is easy to configure and re-configure, to suit todays modern, dynamic and collaborative workspaces.

Type: Workstations
Model Number: FLAIR-119

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